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Employer Placement Services

Professional Placement Information

*Exorbitant Market Costs

With over two decades of employment development experience between both co-owners we have always been shocked by the costs that temp agencies charge. The typical temp agency charges close to $30.00 per contractual hour for a locked in 30-day full-time contract (hourly wage -> Administrative Cost -> processing cost) on a $15.00 an hour employee! 

These costs are outrageous and average around $7200.00 for a very low chance (only 10 - 20%) of finding a quality employee that works out!

With our agency you have dedicated  staff who spend SIGNIFICANT time in one-on-one development with our clients! This is a unique approach and prepares our clients to be the best fit your agency deserve! We treat this service exactly like a dating service in that we try to find the best fit for the employer.

If your tired of trying to direct hire candidates, simply do not want to be bothered with it or are frustrated with the typical temp agency then reach out to us today to see if we are the right fit for your company!

Why Our Placement Approach is Unique!

Client Screening Steps

Initial Intake Screening

Meeting potential clients for the first time in order to develop rapport, understand their employment needs and to develop their resume and interviewing skills.

Perform Follow Up Development

Identifying and improving our clients employment skill weaknesses in order to develop knowledge to better their chances of a positive placement. 

Matching Client with Employer Needs

Cross referencing our client skills, personality and knowledge with the needs of a particular employer in order to find the best fit prior to placement.

Time Involvement In Your Company Doing Their Own Hiring

Time and Effort in Advertising

The average time to research, write up and post position information on multiple job boards can exceed 3 hours. This is time spent away from normal work duties that could have been spent elsewhere.

Candidate Information Review

The average mid-sized company receiving 250 resumes can expect to spend approximately 25 hours per week in candidate screening, telephone and email communications or employment follow up inquiries. 

Final Selection Pre-Screening

Employers have reported that after candidates are selected for final review and possible employment placement that approximately 15-20 minutes can be spent on the phone PER candidate. That is 120 to 160 minutes or between 2 - 3 hours!

Candidate Interviewing Preparation

Human Resources Managers report the time it takes to schedule an interview, prepare individualized or standardized placement questions and make appointment arrangements can often exceed 90 minutes. 

Interview Time and Final Review

Time and activities encompass initial employment interviews, placement screening, skill testing, checking references, credit checks, final interviews, additional follow up calls, etc. etc. This time often exceeds 8 hours or more. 

Total Time Values Per Candidate

From start to finish a small to mid-sized company can expect to spend between 30 to 80 hours per eligible candidate placement depending on particular activities, criteria and needed skill testing requirements. 

Each of our client client screening steps is crucial to a successful development and placement. Our clients will always have multiple team members present over the course of several hours in order to give various perspectives to their employment development. This is designed purposely to ensure that we understand our clients on many levels in order to make sure they meet an employers personal, cultural and professional standards.