Career Development Services

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Advanced Resume Writing

Gain confidence that our advanced professional resume writing services will make your understanding of  the hiring process much easier. We take the time over the course of 3 to 4 hours to teach and train you in how to positively put forward and understand your resume, how to explain it and how to understand how it makes sense to potential employers. 

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Employment Skill Development

 Whether you are seeking to increase your interviewing knowledge, learn the science behind cover letter design or just work on body language presentation value then this service is right for you. Describe to us your need and we will work on  your behalf to train and teach you whatever employment life skill you need to develop! development jobs

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Group Employment Training

Our Group Training Specialists provide customizable services in the areas of Employment Retention, Interviewing Skills, Interpersonal Communication or Personal Development that are customized for your organizational training needs. Our specialized group training requires a minimum of 10 participants.

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Telephone Employment Consultation

What can be better than having your own employment consultation specialist at your fingertips on-call ready to answer your questions or provide advice? Our specialists are here for you. For a small monthly fee you can call us and get on the spot assistance with questions about interviews, filling out applications, company research, or really any other employment related issue! Call and learn more today! (517) 927 - 4680