Contract Interviewing

Telephone or Internet Interview Service

The future is technology and this service is perfect for those organizations or companies on the go. This service is perfect for those organizations overwhelmed with administrative paperwork! 

Our specialists will review your candidates and pre-screen them either via telephone or through internet communication methods to find the perfect fit for you!

In Person Single Day Service

Our single day service covers the cost for two highly experienced interviewing professionals to perform the intensive screening needed to cover most companies basic or advanced hiring needs. 

This screening service is perfect for the company looking to do one day hiring without the stress of using their own staff to do so. Let us take the burden off you and your staff! 

In Person One Week Service

This professional (5 business days) service is perfect for those companies looking to screen large volumes of candidates over the course of one week. This service will provide you two highly experienced interviewers to meet your companies particular needs.

This advanced screening service is highly recommended for companies expanding into new territories and who need to find the best potential candidates for employment.