Daniel Shinaver, M.H.R.M., B.B.A.

Daniel Shinaver is an employment and life skill specialist who began his career in 2006 working with the homeless, low-income and at-risk populations. Since then his career has evolved into working with homeless disabled Veterans and Returning Citizens being released on parole and re-entering society. Daniel Shinaver specializes in Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Employment Development strategies focused on underserved individuals who do not know how to get to the next level of their personal development.  

With a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from National University, 12 years of experience and a passion for watching individuals develop their careers, education and life skills Daniel Shinaver takes pride in achieving excellence with others. He has volunteered in the past with Mclaren Greater Lansing in their Human Resources Department and currently serves with the Disabled American Veterans, the 40 et 8 Veterans Group and the Free and Accepted Masons of Michigan. As a recent Dale Carnegie graduate he looks forward to sharing his communication skills, and knowledge with those in need of life change.  

As a Former Marine and as a Disabled Veteran Daniel Shinaver understands the unique barriers and challenges facing individuals looking for career growth and development. His current projects include working with his co-owner to further develop employer relations with those organizations and companies seeking to contribute back to society by hiring individuals with barriers and unique challenges. He currently lives just outside Lansing with his wonderful and supporting wife who helps him with his passionate endeavors, more cats than he should have, an interesting collection of books and his fun sense of humor.